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What does ClayBreaker™ do?

  • Breaks up clay, loosens hard and compacted soil
  • Builds a deeper topsoil
  • Enables plant roots to penetrate deeper, resulting in strong plant growth
  • Improves soil drainage
  • Reduces root rot, moss and fungal diseases
  • Increases the absorption and availability of water, air and nutrients to plants
  • Improves moisture retention during dry conditions, reducing soil crusting and cracking
  • Enhances the effectiveness of fertilisers
  • Provides Calcium which strengthens cell walls making plants more resistant to insects and disease
  • Provides Sulphur, necessary for the development of green protein rich leaves
  • Enhances beneficial microbial activity aiding the composting process and decreasing unpleasant odours

And it’s a natural, non-toxic, organic mineral that is safe to use near children and pets. ClayBreaker™ is also pH neutral, which means it won’t burn plants or affect soil acidity if over applied.

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