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Screened to a certain particle size, this fine soil from Waikato allows nutrients and water to flow naturally and deeply through the soil to offer a healthier growing space for plants. It is renowned as a great growing medium and is lightweight and easy to work with. Premium Waikato Topsoil is preferred over our variable Auckland top soils because of its sandy, loamy quality with a low (or no) clay component. Superscapes selects its Waikato Topsoil from approved and tested piles around the Hamilton area. Use our Waikato topsoil as a base for lawns, to patch and top dress existing lawns or to build up garden beds. It can also be used to layer with our weed-free garden mixes on top to give your garden a great start.

1m – $75.00, 3/4 – $58, 1/2 – $41, 1/4 – $25, 20L Bag – $7.50 inc GST

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