Great for vegetable gardens as well as flower beds, our soil mixes are as good as the ingredients we put into them. We take great care to bring you the finest products which we create from green waste, so you might sometimes find small pieces of non-organic material in them.
Whether you’re purchasing one of our house blends or ordering a custom solution, we make our products to specifically fit your growing needs. Our biggest seller, the Super Garden Mix offers excellent growth to all new plants. It increases organic matter to enhance all soil types, improving the soil structure and drainage. In heavy soils, it acts as a clay breaker, promoting earthwork activity and improving the availability of nutrients. Super Garden Mix will give your plants the best possible start, offering excellent conditions for early root development as it drains well to keep seeds, turf, topdressing, vegetable gardens and flower beds – whose roots like a higher pH level – healthy, even with frequent watering. This product looks good and feels good when handling. It makes gardening so easy. You can plant straight into it or use it on top of your existing soil to give plants a boost. It is widely used by councils and regional authorities for parks and reserves around the Auckland region. And as it’s 100% weed-free, you won’t have to waste time weeding. A real winner for new or existing gardens.

1m – $110.00, 3/4 – $95, 1/2 – $65, 1/4 – $35, 20L Bag – $11.80 inc GST