Are you looking for a timber decking installer specialist in the Auckland area? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Superscapes has recently expanded its first class landscaping and garden upgrade services to include a highly experienced, professional timber decking installation expert to the team.

When you think New Zealand properties, the chances are very high that you will picture a house or commercial building with wide wooden decking patios extending outward from the main building perimeter. There is something incredibly aesthetically pleasing about the addition of organic wooden decking, blending the garden and building seamlessly together into an integrated whole.

It’s for this reason that our Auckland based decking contractor is in such high demand.

Some of the key deck building services we offer:

  • Our focus is Auckland and surrounding areas, which means you get the best price for the best job
  • With over 20 years of experience and after working in a professional environment to the highest standards, the quality of every project we undertake is guaranteed
  • Tell us your vision, requirements, and budget, and let us do the rest
  • Treated pine, hardwood, composite, Kwila, Fijian mahogany, Vitex wood choices
  • Many style and design choices to choose from
  • Expert at building decking on sloping or uneven surfaces

What are the most popular timber decking choices for homeowners and commercial properties in Auckland?

If you have been inspired to raise the value of your property with the addition of a professionally built timber decking installation, your first consideration should be wood. That means you’ll need to know a bit about wood species in New Zealand and why they are the best choice wood for your decking.

Auckland homeowners and architects are more likely to choose hardwood over any other type of timber decking. This is because hardwood decking is harvested from trees with a slow growth. Because they take longer to reach maturity, hardwoods cost more to produce. However, these woods are highly durable, very resilient, and they are also extremely beautiful.

The Top 3 Hardwood Timbers for Decking

  1. Kwila – Also called Merbau, this hardwood is tough and long-lasting. Besides its strength, Kwila has a natural red tone, naturally occurring oils to protect it against harsh environments, low shrinkage, splitting and cracking resistance, and requires minimal maintenance.
  2. Fijian Mahogany – Moisture, decay, and insect resistant, this tropical hardwood comes in colours ranging from a pinkish red to orangey brown. Because it’s harvested from local Fijian sustainable farmers, it is one of the most free-trade and environmentally friendly timbers available. Fijian mahogany’s close grain and straight lines makes it splinter resistant.
  3. Vitex – A strong timber with distinctive pale yellow, creamy grey colour, Vitex timber creates the perfect decking. It has a fine, lustrous, evenly grained texture and its leathery scent and tactile feel makes it ideal for kids’ play, bare feet fans, and entertainment areas. Vitex is only sourced from free trade, village-based sustainable farmers in the Solomon Islands, and its durability and resistance to shocks and high-use makes it the most popular choice wooden decking material for families and commercial properties, such as accommodation facilities.

We are the top choice for treated pine wood timber decking installations too. Please contact us for a quote today.

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