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Superscapes have the skilled lawn mowing and garden service your property needs.

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Professional help with regular lawn mowing and garden grass maintenance is available at Superscapes, Auckland. Because a well-groomed lawn makes any property standout, providing instant appeal and adding aesthetic value to your garden, it’s vital to keep this eye-catching foundation for your garden in tip-top condition.

This is why, as part of our comprehensive range of services, we’re proud to announce the addition of a professional lawn mowing and garden maintenance team.

Superscapes want to make it affordable and easy for you to have a regular lawn mowing service in Auckland. Choose from:

  • Weekly lawn mowing service
  • Fortnightly lawn mowing service
  • Monthly lawn mowing service *

*According to season/additional service available before special events

All our operators are lawn experts, ready to point out areas of your lawn that need a little extra attention. So, make this year the year you have a lawn you can be proud of, and contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Part of the Superscapes lawn mowing service:

Mulching / Side delivery – SD / Catch mowing / Specialty

What does mulching refer to when cutting the lawn?

Mulching is the perfect way to rid your lawn of fallen leaves and grass cuttings while gaining the benefits of mulching your garden. By using a deck during the primary cutting of leaves and grass, the greenery falls down onto the mower blades a second time, producing a finer cut.

  • Mulching turns grass waste into quick and easy fertilizer for the lawn
  • Greatly improves the micro and macro biology of the lawn
  • Increases the humus layer
  • No need for the removal of waste or composting first

What is side delivery and does my lawn need it?

Not everyone wants grass clippings deposited behind the lawn mower. Side throw and side delivery mowers deposit the grass clippings on the side. This is particularly practical for gardens with trees, boundaries, and edges. It enables the mower to steer easily around any obstacle, resulting in fewer uncut areas, more efficient mowing and manoeuvrability.

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Is it better to catch, rake up, or leave grass clippings?

Usually, we recommend a combination of all three, depending on your lawn’s needs. It’s fine to leave lawn clippings every so often. They are a great source of nutrients for the lawn after all, acting as a natural nitrogen fertilizer; by occasionally recycling grass clippings back onto the lawn, you can provide it with up to 25% of its essential nutrition. This is only recommended if you have a regular mowing service, as leaving too thick a layer of cuttings on the lawn causes it to burn or lose colour.

Do I need a specialty lawn mowing service?

Our lawn mowing team are happy to plan a specialty lawn maintenance service with you, tailor made for any events you have planned or seasonal changes. Whether your lawn requires replanting, spraying, or fertilizing, our goal is to help you get the healthy and well maintained lawn your property deserves.

Contact us for an obligation free quote.

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