When you need the perfect lawn and time is not on your side then Instant Lawn roll on grass is the best option for you; you’ll get a lush green lawn in just a few hours.

Why buy Instant Lawn?

Great lawns are a great investment, adding both beauty and significant value to your residential or commercial property.  It is a particularly good option when your property needs to be extra perfect for that special occasion, open home or photo opportunity. And it can be laid at any time of year.

Your new Instant Lawn will have already been matured to be around about a year old and will have gone through the early traumas of germination, weed infestations, pest and disease threats.  It has been mown, brushed, sprayed, fed, watered and rolled until it has become strong and mature enough to transplant to its final destination.

You know you’ll have lush, springy, deep green grass to enhance your property, and its value in hours rather than months.

Additional benefits are that it helps protect the environment from erosion, saves children from cuts and scrapes, and your floors remain free from mud and dust.

What are the benefits of Instant Lawn?

  • No sowing or waiting – you’ll get lush green grass in hours
  • Collect and lay yourself or have it delivered to site
  • Instant results for your home or commercial premises
  • Range of after-care products available to keep your Instant Lawn in top condition

Whether it’s your home, your business or the local park or sports field makes no difference. The land can be barren for months but covered in mature, hard wearing turf within hours, making your landscaping idea’s become a reality.

By combining carefully selected mixtures of grass seed the lawn experts at Readylawn have created two varieties of rolled turf which are perfect for the northern climate, so you get a perfect lawn, not a patchy lawn.

And no matter where you live in Auckland or what time of the year,we can install your new lawn at your home or business in a matter of hours.  If you prefer to pick it up and self install, you can do that too.

Why use Superscapes?

Based in Auckland NZ, we are a landscaping company with many years experience in creating beautiful, practical outdoor spaces. We work with a number of retirement villages, as well as with local councils on large-scale public projects that require specialist knowledge and expertise. We stock the best after service care products available.

We offer a full professional consultation service to help you choose the correct turf for your specific environment and requirements. eg: resistant to drought, and provide a full ground preparation and installation service.

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