If you want lush, green, healthier grass in less time then Hydro seeding is a great cost effective and highly successful option that is a popular choice used for both Residential and Commercial areas

Hydro seeding  (which is also know a spray on grass) is a fast and effective planting procedure of mixing quality certified lawn seeds, mulch and slurry which is jet sprayed directly onto prepared ground using Superscapes brand new Finn T30 Hydroseeder.  Everything your lawn needs to grow is already in the mixture creating a nursery that hydrates, insulates and fertilises the seed to give you a faster growing, thicker, more uniform lush lawn. A protective mulch is used and has a natural green appearance to help make the transition between bare earth and your new lush turf.

Hydro seeding is a faster way to install lawns especially if planting a large area as the process can be completed in a very short time frame.  Superscapes can spray onto almost any site and it can be very effective for hillsides and sloping lawns to help with erosion control and is able to revegetate even the most difficult sites.

Results are often quick with high germination rates producing grass growth in about 10+ days and mowing maintenance beginning around 3–4 weeks from the date of application.  To assure proper germination water your newly hydro seeded lawn regularly!

Superscapes have the machinery to sculpt and prepare the ground for your new lawn.

Superscapes can also supply and/or deliver compost, mulch and topsoil (quality screened) which is available in large quantities.

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