Superscapes is proud to announce the expansion of our garden and landscaping services to include fencing.

Whether you are looking for that perfect picket fence to enclose your prize rose garden or a high quality balustrade to go around your patio extension, Superscapes has the best fencing and installation deals for you.

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Some key fencing services we offer:

  • Wooden fences in all styles and design
  • Gates and fences
  • Paling fencing
  • Trellis work for gardens and patios
  • Picket fencing, plain boarding, functional and elegant balustrades
  • Shiplap, posts, and railing fencing
  • Gates and automated gates

We don’t just build fences for their practical and aesthetic purposes, we build them to last. With many years of fencing installation expertise behind them, our new in-house fencing specialists can quote you the best price for your budget. Homes and commercial premises need fencing in Auckland for many different reasons: security, privacy, enhancing the value of the property, or to keep your beloved pets where they belong – off the road and safe inside the garden! If you are interested in finding out more about fencing costs and prices in Auckland, contact us today.

Can fencing be used as a retaining wall?

If you want a fence installed along uneven terrain, the chances are high you’ll need an integrated retaining wall. What’s the difference between standard fencing and integrating it with a retaining wall? A special wall built for retaining is used to keep back soil, especially if there is a difference in height or sloping terrain – something we are all too familiar with in Auckland!

Fortunately, fences can be built and installed on top of retaining walls. This is referred to as fencing with integrated retaining walls. If your property is on uneven terrain or sloping ground, please ask our experts if they think you need to integrate retaining walls with your fencing.

Do I have to install a wooden gate if I have a wooden fence?

It all comes down to aesthetics. If you want to integrate a different material gate from the one used in your fence, it’s entirely up to you. We’ve built chain link fences with wooden gates, wooden fences with steel gates, and everything in between. As long as the ground is professionally prepared to provide the posts with long term support and structure, you can ask us to construct your fence out of our wide range of mixed medium materials, styles, and designs.

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What kind of upkeep does wooden fencing require?

As beautiful and quintessential as a wooden white picket fence can be, before you think about getting one you have to think about the long term upkeep commitment you are making. Wooden fences require the occasional sealing, staining, and painting, or else they can rot or warp over time. If this is not your cup of tea, and you’re looking for a low maintenance fencing material, think about vinyl, aluminium, steel, bamboo, or wrought iron fencing.

Whatever fencing contractor you choose to do your fencing installation in Auckland, you’ll be doing your property and your budget a favour by asking our fencing specialist for a quote.

Contact us for an obligation free quote.

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