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Golden Bay cement is a premium Portland cement and is suited for use in structural concrete, domestic concrete, concrete products, mortars, grouts and soil stabilisation. Golden Bay quality and consistency makes it an ideal choice for essentially every construction application.


Golden Bay cement exceeds the minimum specification set out in NZS3122:2009. Golden bay is produced using carefully selected raw materials.  Strict quality and process control throughout each stage of the manufacturing process ensures that a final consistent product is achieved.  The IANZ accredited laboratory provides testing support and certifies product despatched from the plant.  Golden Bay Cement further demonstrates its commitment to quality by having TELARC certification for their ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Cement is primarily used to produce concrete, the worlds most versatile and durable construction material. Golden bay is used in general purpose ready mix concrete applications, to high strength pre-cast and pre-stressed concretes in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.  Other applications include use in DIY concrete through to use in mortar, render or grout or stabilisation for road construction.

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