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For best results apply EzyStart Spring, late Summer and Autumn.

New Lawn:  20gm per sq metre.  Prepare soil then spread in, firm down and then water.

Renovation: 25 to 40gm per sq metre, depending on lawn deterioration. Loosen soil in bare patches, add lawn seed the spread Eystart start over the entire lawn.

Enhances seed germination plus root formation
Contains standard release fertiliser for rapid renovation recovery
Contains slow release fertiliser for long term controlled response
Contains mini prilled Gypsum to improve soil structure
Contains soil wetting agent for increased water peneration & plant recovery
Contains granular humic acid, and organic catalysts which inceases soil microbial activity promting soil structure ans rapid growth recovery.
Contains a unique methylene urea and extended release potassium combined which helps increas
the plants tolerance to stress..

2kg – $19, 8kg – $52.68 inc GST

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