The Superscapes team works alongside town planners, landscape designers, architects and developers on commercial landscaping projects ensuring our design plans and specifications comply with relevant Council codes and policies and are completed and delivered on time.

We are totally committed to providing innovative, environmentally sensitive and sustainable design solutions that are both creative and feasible. No project is too big… we work on projects from courtyards to the largest commercial properties.

Sample commercial projects include the Ryman healthcare Retirement villages, Bruce Mclaren  (Auckland), Possum Bourne ( Pukekohe), Bert Sutcliffe ( Birkenhead),  and Kiri Tekanawa ( Gisborne ). For these projects there are earthworks, cobblestone paths, front and back patios, entrance ways, concrete, timber structures, retaining walls, Fences, irrigation systems for lawns, gardens and planters, mass boundary plantings of natives, exotics and palms, plantings of garden beds, top soil installation for lawns and gardens, hydroseeding and instant turf installation.

Superscapes is also a true one-stop shop for all the landscaping requirements of large residential projects. Whether our clients need one or all of our services we make the job happen.

Superscapes provides very distinctive boutique landscaping, expressing the tastes, interests and lifestyle specifications of the project’s architect and developer. Managed by our experienced team, we work closely with the developer and designer to install innovative and effective garden designs.