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Synthetic Iron Oxide colours are for use in cement based products – concrete, mortar and plaster mixes. White oxide will only work effectively in products containing white cement. We recommend Dricon® White Portland Cement.

    • Manufactured to exacting standards
    • Meets or exceeds standards for the use of colour for concrete, mortar and plaster applications
    • Are colour resistant and colour stable
    • Can be used with High Strength HandiCrete®, SuperSet™, Trade Mortar, Mortar Plaster, HandiCrete®, Clay Brick Trade Mortar
  • Won’t contribute to efflorescence

Black                  1kg  $28,46
Dark Brown        1kg  $35,21
Dark Red            1kg  $35,21
Light Brown 800gm  $35,21
White            800gm  $35,21
Marigold      500gm  $35,21
Yellow          500gm  $35,21

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